About Us

     CADD CONTRACTORS is a drafting & design firm that connects  the highest talent in every discipline to your temporary or on-going project needs.

We know the industry well and realize that there are times work piles up and times it slows down. It doesn’t always make sense to hire in house for temporary needs. We offer a solution that saves cost and time while managing the delivery of top quality work.

We fill the gap when it comes to on-demand, professional quality CADD services.

     Our Management Team has over 12  years of direct experience in Civil Engineering, Mechanical, and Product Development. We are also seasoned project managers who get the job done on time. We are passionate about exceeding your expectations and have much to offer.

We realize you may not need our services right away and that’s OK.  We want to tell you how we are unique and ready to serve when needed.

     CADD CONTRACTORS is unlike any other drafting firm. We contract with hundreds of CAD workers in various industries which means we can deliver on any discipline in any software. It also means we have a lower overhead which translates to lower cost to the client. Its a great set up for all parties because the CAD workers get paid a good wage on their own time, we are compensated for our management and the client doesn’t have to cover the high cost of hiring in house.

Each CAD Workers is hand selected through a rigorous interview process where their skills are tested and approved before being matched to an industry and discipline. We only hire top talent and every member of our project management team has a minimum of 10 years direct industry experience.

We offer two main services:

1.) Lump Sum Drawings
– For individual projects needs
2.) Temporary / Contracted Staffing
– For on going projects
– Remote or onsite

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

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Q: Are you guys a staffing firm?

A: Not at all we have an in-house management team and work with outside partners to provide on going services.


Q: Are you like those freelance websites where I can contract something temporary?

A: We do work with freelancers from time to time but our management team oversees all projects to ensure quality.


Q: Can I hire someone full-time as a W2 employee?

A: We can provide a dedicated team remotely or onsite for project based or on call services for as long as you may need but we are not a staffing agency and it wouldn’t make sense to do that cost wise.

Q: Whats the difference between your company and hiring a freelancer off craigslist?

A: The difference

  • You will have an in house project manager to select tasks, delegate and overlook your project to ensure best results
  • you will have personal communication on demand and as a priority so that our team becomes your team.
  • LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL – we understand the local markets and are set up to expand.




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